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Pizza Menu


Classic Toppings:  (Half) $1.75 each (Full) $3.00 each

Pepperoni • Sausage • Meatball • Mushrooms • Peppers • Black Olives • Onions • Anchovies • Fresh Garlic • Extra Cheese • Broccoli • Spinach

Specialty Toppings: (Half) $2.75 each (Full) $4.50 each

Chicken • Prosciutto • Broccoli Rabe • Fresh Mozzarella

$18.50SottoSopra Famous Upside Down Sicilian

Mozzarella Cheese on the Bottom, Sauce on Top, Topped Off with Pecorino Romano


Mozzarella Cheese and Tomato Sauce
Medium $13.50 | Large $15.50

$17.50Regular Sicilian Pizza

Specialty Round Pies

$29.95Baked Clam Pie

Fresh Clams in Garlic and Oil with Lemon Juice topped with Bread Crumbs

Baked Ziti Pie

Fresh Ziti, Marinara Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, Ricotta

Medium $20.00 | Large $23.00

Balsamic Chicken

Grilled Balsamic Chicken, Roasted Red Peppers, Chunks of Fresh Mozzarella Topped with Balsamic Glaze

Medium $21.00 | Large $25.00

Barbecue Chicken Pie

Medium $21.00 | Large $25.00

Buffalo Chicken Pie

Medium $21.00 | Large $25.00

$29.95Calamari Pie

Fra Diavolo, Buffalo, Marinara or Sweet Chili; Fried or Grilled Available

Chicken Bacon Ranch

Medium $21.00 | Large $25.00

Chicken BLT

Chicken Cutlet, Romaine Lettuce, Bacon, Tomato, and Three Cheese Blend, with Bacon Aioli

Medium 21.00 | Large $25.00

Chicken Cutlet & Broccoli Pie

Medium $21.00 | Large $25.00

Chicken Cutlet & Tomato Pie

Medium $21.00 | Large $25.00

Chicken Marsala Pie

Medium $21.00 | Large $25.00

Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Cutlet, Mozzarella Cheese, Marinara Sauce and Ricotta

Medium $21.00 | Large $25.00

Chicken Vodka

Medium $21.00Large $25.00

Cream of Spinach & Artichoke Pie

Medium $20.00 | Large $23.00

Disco Pizza

French Fries, Brown Gravy, and Your Choice of Mozzarella or American Cheese

Medium $20.00 | Large $23.00

Eggplant Pie

Fried Eggplant Topped with Dabs of Ricotta and Signature Sauce

Medium $19.00 | Large $23.00

Everything Pie

Assorted Meats and Vegetables

Medium $25.95 | Large $29.95

Grilled Chicken Caesar Pie

Medium $21.00 | Large $25.00

Hawaiian Pie

Medium $20.00 | Large $24.00

Lasagna Pie

Medium $21.00 | Large $25.00

Mac & Cheese Pie

Our 3 Blended Cheese Sauce with Elbow Pasta, Topped with Bread Crumbs

Medium $20.00 | Large $23.00

Margherita Pie

Medium $20.00 | Large $23.00

Prosciutto Pie

Baby Arugula, Imported Italian Prosciutto, Truffle Oil Topped with Shaved Parmigiano Cheese

Medium $24.00 | Large $27.00

Ravioli Spinach & Cream

Fresh Ravioli, Ricotta Filling with Spinach and Cream Sauce

Medium $21.00 | Large $25.00

Ravioli Vodka Pie

Medium $21.00 | Large $25.00

Rigatoni Spinach & Cream

Rigatoni with Spinach and Cream Sauce

Medium $20.00 | Large $23.00

Rigatoni Vodka Pie

Medium $20.00 | Large $23.00

$25.95Roniwheel Crust Pie

Pepperoni Pinwheel Crust

Round Upside Down Pie

Cheese on the Bottom, Topped off with Our Famous Sauce, Olive Oil, and Parmigiana

Medium 14.50 | Large $17.00

Salad Pie

Medium $19.00 | Large $23.00

$29.25Shrimp Oreganata

Fresh Shrimp in Garlic and Oil with Lemon Juice Topped with Bread Crumbs


Medium $21.00 | Large $25.00

Tomato Mozzarella Pie

Fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Plum Tomatoes, Basil and Garlic

Medium $20.00 | Large $23.00

Vegetable Pies

Medium $19.00 | Large $22.00

White Pie

Medium $17.00 | Large $20.00

Specialty Square Pies

Toppings: $3.00 each

• Pepperoni • Sausage • Meatball • Mushrooms • Peppers • Onions • Extra Cheese • Anchovies • Black Olives • Fresh Garlic • Broccoli • Spinach

Specialty Toppings: $4.00 each

• Chicken • Prosciutto • Riccota • Broccoli Rabe • Arugula • Eggplant

$25.00Chicken Bruschetta

Chopped Tomato, Red Onions, and Garlic with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Fried Chicken

$25.00Chicken Vodka

Chicken Cutlet, Vodka Sauce, and Fresh Mozzarella

$23.00Drunken Grand Ma

Thin Crust Square, with Fresh Mozzarella Cheese topped with Our Famous Vodka Sauce

$18.00Grandma Pie

Marinara Sauce and Fresh Garlic


Marinara Sauce and Fresh Garlic.; No Cheese

$23.00Onofrio Special

Thin Crust Grandma with Fresh Mozzarella, Truffle Oil Bread Crumbs, and Sautéed Onions.

$23.00Potato Truffle

Thin Sliced Red Onions, with Thin Sliced Potatoes, Fresh Mozzarella, with Truffle Oil

$21.00Sfincione Pie

Onions and Bread Crumb; "No Cheese"


Classic Sicilian

Pizza by the Slice

$4.25Balsamic Chicken Slice

$4.25BBQ Chicken Slice

$4.25Buffalo Chicken Slice

$4.25Chicken & Broccoli Slice

$4.25Chicken Bacon Ranch Slice

$4.25Chicken BLT Slice

$4.25Chicken Caesar Slice

$4.25Chicken Parm Slice

$4.25Chicken Tomato Slice

$4.25Chicken Vodka Slice

$3.50Drunken Grandma Slice

$3.95Eggplant Slice

$3.25Grandma Slice

$4.25Lasagna Slice

$4.25Mac & Cheese Slice

$3.75Margherita Slice

$2.65Neapolitan Slice

$4.25Onofrio Special Slice

$5.00Ravioli, Spinach and Cream

$5.00Ravioli Vodka Slice

$2.70Regular Sicilian

$4.50Rigatoni Vodka Slice

$3.75Salad Slice

$3.00Sfincione Slice

$4.25Spinach Artichoke Slice

$5.75Sweet Chili Calamari Slice

$5.75Sweet Chili Shrimp Slice

$4.00Taco Slice

$2.70Upside Down Sicilian

$4.25Vegetable Slice

$3.25White Slice

Deep Dish Pizza


Grandma Sauce, Fresh Mozzarella, and Basil. 


Broccoli Rabe, Cherry Peppers and Crumbled Sausage

$24.50Meat Lovers

Pepperoni, Meatball, Sausage and Ham

$17.50Neapolitan Style

Our Famous Pizza Sauce and Mozzarella

Consuming Raw or Undercooked Meats, Seafood, Poultry or Eggs May Increase Your Risk of Foodborne Illness, Especially If You Have Certain Medical Conditions.

Prices And Menu Items Subject To Change Without Notice.

Prices Do Not Include Sales Tax. We Reserve The Right To Correct Any Errors.

All Our Food Is Made Fresh To Order So Please Be Patient.